Walls Racing Team is made up of a group of five drivers and approximately 50 crew members (the exact number fluctuates weekly). The drivers are brothers Wayne and Richard, Wayne's son Mike, Richard's son Keith, cousin Eric, and brother Larry's son-in-law Tracy Linn. Racing has been in the Walls family for over 50 years starting with Wayne Walls Sr. Wayne Sr. enjoyed such enormous success on the local dirt track circuit that he was recently elected into the prestigious Auto Racing Club of Hagerstown's Hall of Fame. With all of this success, it was inevitable that one of his five children would follow in his footsteps. Wayne Jr. was the first to step forward. Younger brother Richard also became enthralled with the idea of driving a 700 hp car on a dirt oval, and promptly stepped right into ring. Finally the third generation of Walls Racing began, when Mike Walls makes his racing debut in 1998. In the team's greatest moment, Walls Racing made Hagerstown Speedway history by becoming the first family to have three generations (Wayne Sr., Wayne Jr., Richard and Mike) race in the same race. Walls racing is not only a highly driven race team, but also a closely knit family that always has something to do come Saturday night.

Wayne Walls Jr.

Richard Walls

Mike Walls

Keith Walls

Eric Walls

Tracy Linn


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7-13-08 Congrats to Wayne on his victory at Hagerstown.